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Relocation can be a stressful process. We understand the immense challenges facing individuals and families when they relocate to a new city. We have been helping clients relocate to and from Edmonton for years, and we assist with a significant number of national and international relocations annually. As a result, we understand the emotional, financial and real estate impact of relocation on a family.

Questions that often emerge during the relocation process include:

How does my company relocation program impact my move?
How does my new city compare in terms of cultural, sporting and social events?
How will my standard of living be affected by my move?
What are the employment opportunities for my spouse?
How does the school system work?
Where do I get important tax and/or immigration information for my move?

Let us guide you through the relocation process. Click here to discover why clients have chosen us to help them relocate.

If you are leaving Edmonton, we have extensive experience dealing with company relocation programs and through our network, you can be confident that we will find you a competent, experienced Realtor in any centre in North America, and in numerous countries around the world.

If you are moving to Edmonton, we have a comprehensive "Moving to Edmonton" package to help you with your relocation. We also provide customized real estate searches through the MLS. As a client, you will have access to our complete list of contacts and programs designed to help reduce the hassles related to relocation.

Contact us so we can help you with your relocation whether you are moving to or leaving Edmonton.

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"For anyone moving to Edmonton from overseas, both Eden and Christopher give you the confidence in an unfamiliar country, to find the right property, in the right location.
We moved from the UK and found the property market to be significantly different here, but their guidance and advice helped pave the way to a wonderful new home."
Rob S